Student Management

Report Name: Absence

Description: Lists absence requests submitted by Students.

Access Provisions: FacultyAdmin, FacultyDirector, MedTechAdmin, StaffAdmin, StaffPcoordinator, UAAbsenceCoordinator, UAAbsenceManagers, AMERI

Report Name: AOA - Junior Report

Description: This is used to select the Alpha Omega Alpha honors society students by Student Affairs (selects the top 5% of students in the Cohort, rounded to the nearest whole number).

Access Provisions: MedTechAdmin, StaffAdmin

Report Name: CUP Report by Student V2

Description: Students volunteer for CUP throughout their medical school career. We keep track of how many CUP hours students have completed along with what kind of CUP events they participated in to complete graduation requirements and earn graduation credit. This report shows the CUP hours with CUP title and date by student.

Access Provisions: All_COMT_Students, MedTechAdmin, CUPAdmin

Report Name: FaceSheet

Description: Generates group FaceSheets by course and by group. This provides a list of students by group with the students photos/ The Groups are established in MedLearn by course.

Access Provisions: FacultyAdmin, FacultyDirector, MedTechAdmin, StaffAdmin, StaffPcoordinator, CurricularStaff.

Report Name: Match Data Analysis

Description: Provides a similar report and experience as the provided 2018 Match Summary PowerPoint created by Student Affairs.

Access Provisions: AMERI, MedTechAdmin, FacultyAdmin, StaffAdmin

Report Name: Students on Leave of Absence

Description: Shows all Students on Leave by Academic Year.

Access Provisions: MedTechAdmin, StaffAdmin, StaffPcoordinator, AMERI

Report Name: Student Profile

Description: A Snapshot of student's information and academic progress.

Access Provisions: FacultyAdmin, MedTechAdmin, MSPEDeans, StaffAdmin

Report Name: Student Profile for Learning Specialists

Description: Designed for Learning Specialists only. It provides a snapshot of the student's career. It contains data from ArizonaMed (if applicable), MedLearn, OASIS, and Step scores.

Access Provisions: FacultyAdmin, MedTechAdmin, StudentAdvising