ComHelp Logo

In order to deliver the timely and high-quality service to our clients, ITS launched a new on-line communication web portal, COMHelp. If you would like to report a problem, have a question, make a suggestion, or would like to purchase software or equipment, please log into COMHelp to submit your service request at Our technicians check tickets frequently during the workday. COMHelp is designed to improve the efficiency of communication, documentation, and user experience requesting services from IT.

COMHelp offers:

Research Computing

Includes consulting, server hosting and system administration, liaison to HPC (High performance computing) and more.

Support and Training

Includes computer and mobile device support, assistance with business applications and educational technologies.

Consulting and Development

Includes business and research solutions consulting and development, desktop, data storage, and cloud consulting.

Productivity and Collaboration

Qualtrics, Confluence and JIRA assistance, Office365 tools, UA BOX, UA BOX Health, DocuWare, and more.

Security and Compliance

Includes desktop, server and application security, PCI and research compliance consulting, liaison to UA security office and HIPAA Privacy office and more.

Software and Business Applications

COM educational systems including MedLearn, MedReports, Oasis, and Examsoft.

Web Development and Hosting

Develop, host, maintain web-based applications, manage vendor hosting and more.

Accounts and Access

COM, CatNet and UANetID accounts, NetId+, Citrix, COM VPN, remote desktop,and more.


Purchasing of hardware and software.