SPEED, or the "Strategic Planning eSubmission and eReporting Dashboard," is a software solution developed by COMIT to streamline the strategic planning data collection and reporting process for the College.

The primary objective of this solution is to reduce the workload for departments in collecting and entering data, while also improving the visualization and presentation of data through automation.

The URL to access SPEED is speed.medicine.arizona.edu. COM IT offers several open sessions and office hours for all departments. You can request a one-on-one training by submitting a COMHelp ticket at comhelp.arizona.edu.

Yes, COM ITS will develop a reporting module as data is collected. The reports generated by SPEED will be accessible to both departmental units and college administration.

This refers to "not applicable." Departments typically do not need to enter any data for this measure. For example, measures/metrics for the clinical mission area may not be applicable to a basic science department.

This typically indicates that departments are required to provide a value for this measure.

They are provided by mission leaders or their staff members. COM IT technicians also gather data from internal and external resources such as UA Analytics and MedLearn.

If this is the case, departments can overwrite the preloaded data by entering the correct values in the column next to it. The SPEED report engine will use the department-entered values in its final submission.

These fields are designed to assist in the conversation between unit leaders and mission leaders when they meet and make a "color" decision on each measure. They are not intended to be used during department data entry.

We encourage you to check out the help documents located on the top right corner under the mission menus on each mission page first. These documents provide the meaning of each metric and measure and list mission leader and staff contact information at the bottom of the page. You can also get help by placing your cursor over the measure name or clicking the help icon ahead of the measure name on each row on both the view report page and update page. COM IT technicians will only be able to answer technical questions.

Yes, everyone who is granted access to a mission area in SPEED has access to all eight mission areas. However, please only work in your assigned mission area and note that you will not have access to data outside your department.

Each mission area data must be submitted separately. To complete the submission process for your department, click the "Submit Now" button on each mission area update view page.

Yes, but you will need to contact COM IT to have the data unsubmitted before they can be edited again. Please send us your request through COMHelp and we will assist you.